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We have a wide range of elegant showers to enhance your bathroom. We offer shower products ranging from complete showers, to valves and heads separately, to shower accessories. 

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Complete Showers

  • Available as exposed or concealed.

  • Available in a range of finishes including Chrome or Vintage Gold.

  • Premium brands: Hudson Reed, Jig & Heritage.

  • Price match guarantee on like for like quotes.

  • 5-year minimum manufacturer warranty.

Shower Heads

  • Available in Finishes such as Chrome, Copper, or Nickel.

  • Heads and Shower Arms available

  • Variety of Sizes Available to Suit Any Space.

  • 5 Year Minimum Guarantee.

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Shower Valves

  • Available in Exposed or Concealed Variations

  • Perfect space-saving solution.

  • Available in Dual or Triple Control Varieties.

  • 5 Year Minimum Guarantee.

Bath Shower Mixers

  • Includes everything you need for your cast iron or acrylic bath.

  • Wide range of fitting and finishes available.

  • Available in Wall Mounted, Deck Mounted, or Freestanding Models.

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Shower Accessories

  • Includes Screens, Soap Dispensers, and Shower Curtain Rails, etc.

  • 5 Year Minimum Guarantee.

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