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At Foundry Cast Iron we understand that, as customers, we all get a picture in our heads of what our dream space looks like. We aim to offer a wide range of finishes to ensure you're 100% happy with how your product looks. All of our baths allow you to put your own stamp on your bathroom design. Each brand offer slight variations of their finishes. For brand-specific information please see the relevant pages for each brand. See below for more general information about our most popular finishes.

Bath Finishes

Villandry full_edited.jpg
Arroll white_edited.png

Arroll cast iron baths all come with a white enamel interior. The exterior is finished in a white primer and is ready to be painted just about any colour you like. You can do this yourself or Arrolls painting experts can do that for you for an additional charge.


If customers choose to paint their baths themselves, please seek advice from a paint professional as this may effect the manufacturer warranty. 

caravel textile.jpg

Hurlingham offer a complete Bespoke Tailoring option, with their highly skilled craftsman using state of the art facilities. Choose from painted finishes, metallic finishes, leather, fabric and hand gilded designs. 

They come with a 5 Year guarantee. 

Heritage Cover Photo.jpg
Heritage bathrooms

Heritage cast iron baths come with a ready to paint finish, Heritage ensure their cast iron baths have a smooth and ripple-free finish by applying enamel powder coat twice to give one of the best quality finishes available. They come with a 25 Year Guarantee for your complete peace of mind.  

BC Designs.png

For those who like something a little bit different BC Designs offer a bath painting service on their traditional roll top baths.

At an extra charge they offer a painting service on the Omnia bath  and Copper Bath Range.

Please note that they do not offer a painting service on other branded baths.

Towel Rail & Radiator Finishes

hamlet Thumbnail.jpg
Vogue UK.png

From subtle hues to bold and bright, a glossy sheen to textured or matt expressions, along with high quality metallic finishes, Vogue UK have an extensive selection of colour options to add the perfect finishing touches to your custom model. All Vogue UK radiators are built in the UK.

Essex Cast Iron Bath and Caversham Vanit Unit with Granley Basin portrait.jpg

The finest bathrooms from the finest brands...

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Vogue UK_edited.png
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